Shutdown Single Barrel Bourbon

Detroit City Distillery

Shutdown Single Barrel Bourbon

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We are honored to announce our first ever virtual barrel release! Shutdown Single Barrel Bourbon is a barrel strength - 120 proof - four grain bourbon that we were saving for a special day. But extraordinary times call for an extraordinary bourbon. Let’s face it, there is no better time than right now to celebrate each other and we need some damn strong bourbon to do it right.

Limit of two bottles per person. Each bottle comes with a complimentary 4oz bottle of DCD hand sanitizer!

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At Detroit City Distillery, we say that every spirit has a story. One of our favorite parts of owning a distillery is making spirits that represent who we are. For this bourbon, we wanted to do something different, we skipped the fancy artwork and wrote a personal message to you. It goes like this:

“We all come from somewhere. We come from a place that knows adversity defines character. Where industrious ingenuity is celebrated. Where hard work is rewarded and the unwavering work ethic of the individual determines the greater good. This is the spirit of Detroit. A spirit that can unite us all. In good times and bad, it has never been more important to celebrate one another and appreciate all that we have created together. Let this bourbon be a reminder that through it all we will persevere, growing finer with age and becoming more than we were before. We all come from somewhere. Whiskey brought us together. And for that, we are forever grateful.”

As we stated before, we were saving this bourbon for a special day. If this crisis has taught us anything, we should live every second of our lives to the fullest, and that means drinking the good stuff now.

We made four barrels of four grain bourbon that have been aging for over two years now. It’s a beautiful blend of fine Michigan grain with a mash bill is 58% corn, 23% rye, 10% malted barley and 9% wheat. This big, bold bourbon has a robust nose with the classic notes of caramel, leather, toasted oak and a hint of blackberry. The big barley bill brings out an incredible depth of flavor accentuated by notes of pecans, butterscotch and coffee. It finishes with a good long burn with our signature rye spice with notes of pink peppercorn and burnt orange peel.

You may be asking yourself, if you have four barrels of bourbon, how is this a single barrel release? We’re doing this single barrel release like the big guys do single barrels. We are bottling each barrel individually. If you’ve ever wondered how a massive distillery like Four Roses does single barrel bourbon, they literally bottle one barrel at a time. Every barrel is slightly different even though the mash bill is the same, resulting in a unique whiskey unlocked in every barrel.