Liquid Hand Sanitizer - 16oz - 12 pack

Detroit City Distillery

Liquid Hand Sanitizer - 16oz - 12 pack

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Detroit City Distillery is proud to offer our liquid hand sanitizer to the general public. To date, we've supplied over 20,000 gallons of sanitizer to help keep the frontline in Michigan safe. We've supported nearly 500 health care and public safety organizations including the State of Michigan, Detroit Medical Center, DTE, and Oakland Community Health Network to name a few. Now we're making this vital product available to you. 


  • 16oz perfect for office, car or home
  • Manufactured per WHO, FDA and CDC specifications
  • 80% alcohol anitiseptic, non-sterile topical solution 
  • Liquid, not gel
  • Made in Detroit everyday
  • Fair prices to keep you safe and secure
  • Fast, affordable shipping or local pick up


We've supplied a lot of health care professionals. Here's how one doctor at Detroit Medical Center described our hand sanitizer.

"I am a physician and this is best damn hand sanitizer I ever used.

  1. No residue after it evaporates. I don't care that is not viscous. I prefer no residue.
  2. It's awesome that it evaporates quickly. I would rather use a lot than have the foam or gel hand sanitizer."