Smoke and Oak Bourbon Series

Detroit City Distillery

Smoke and Oak Bourbon Series

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We’ve finished our signature bourbon in toasted white American oak barrels from Michigan and Kentucky. The result is three remarkably distinct bourbons with unabashedly bold and complex character just like the local legends we’ve chosen to represent them. Get your hands on this limited-edition 3-pack set before it goes up in smoke. 


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#1. THE MEAT MAN... He's a living legend who slings beef by the ton and drinks bourbon by the barrel. He only plays when the stakes are high and he always takes the biggest cut. This ain't no basic butcher, this bad boy is prime. 

Tasting Notes: The perfect cut of bourbon that balances sweet, smoke and spice. The aroma of smoked cherry wood highlights a big-time sweetness of candied apple, raspberry and tamarind on the nose. A classic buttery body of caramel, almond and oak leads to a long, spicy finish with subtle smoke. High rye heat elevates notes of nutmeg and pink peppercorn while dried tobacco leaves burn slow and deep in your chest.

Barrel Notes: A blend of sweet, smoky and spicy toasted white oak barrels from Independent Stave Company of Kentucky with a heavy dose of high toast cherry wood smoked barrels from Croze Nest Cooperage of Michigan.


#2. THE THIEF... Femme fatale, Isma Martin was particularly skilled at stealing large quantities of Detroit diamonds. Sticky fingers say you better watch your stash before it goes up in smoke.

Tasting Notes: A bourbon with an intoxicating aroma and a silky, spicy body that disappears before you know it. An exotic nose entices with notes of plum, buckwheat honey and floral red rose. High rye character reveals a spice-forward body with notes of cinnamon, lemon zest and cardamom. The finish strikes fast and leaves you high and dry, with big oak and leather that goes straight to your head.

Barrel Notes: A six-barrel blend of extra high-rye bourbon with a focus on smoke and spicy oak cut barrels from Kentucky and Michigan.


#3. THE GANGSTER... The notorious Eddie Fletcher was the Purple Gang's most feared gunman and skilled bootlegger. The boxer turned gangster delivered bold hits and made booze big business. Just remember who calls the shots.

Tasting Notes: If a bourbon was a boxer, you’d place your bet on this big, bold hitter. It leads with a dark, smoky nose of black cherry, kettle corn and swisher sweets. The ultra-rich body highlights chocolate caramel, macadamia nut and brown butter. It closes with a complex finish of smoked sea salt, new Italian leather and a bold strike of legendary rye.

Barrel Notes: A special introduction of lightly wheated, high rye bourbon aged in a custom “wavy” cut barrel from Independent Stave Company of Kentucky that introduces the whiskey to a broad spectrum of oak characteristics from raw oak to heavy toast.